Week One- Off to a smashing start!


It’s the end of week one, after three glorious weeks off, we re-opened the shop on the 17th of Janurary.  Going back to work after Summer holidays is always a shock to the system, but lucky for us, being surrounded by beautiful blooms makes the transition back into the working week so much easier!

We closed the shop on the 24th of December, and as it was so busy we had no idea how low on stock we were!  This is easily remedied, we’ve been having so much fun ordering new stock for the new year, and it’s being delivered bit by bit every day by our lovely postie…. Two of our favourites so far are this…..

And this…..

We’ve got heaps more coming in and can’t wait to get the shop bursting full of lovely things!

And as for being off to a smashing start… our first Friday morning began with this discovery…

So as you can imagine, we had a busy day of cleaning up!

We need to get our creative groove happening again, as business is starting up all over town after Summer, so we have our Monday morning deliveries to start up again!  Looking forward to showing you what we get up to for our corporates and showing you some of our tips!

Have a wonderful week,

from the Best Family

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1 Response to Week One- Off to a smashing start!

  1. sandiart says:

    What a great idea, a blog of your shop, does this mean I could order yarn from you???
    Not happy about the window tho’
    x Sandi

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